To fulfill the clichee of Country & Western Music, Cowboys and Indians we give a big "Howdy", "Hee Haw" or "Yippi Yeah" to all the guests and friends of the biggest little saloon in the world - and to those who might want to become our friends.

January 2019 the American Western Saloon will celebrate its 18th anniversary in the basement of
the Fontane Haus. Before moving to this area the old Western Saloon did exist for over 10 years
near Kurt-Schumacher-Platz. Now you'll find the Shopping Center “Kaufland” there.
...and what started 24 years ago under the "reign" of Frank Lange we didn’t regret so far.
The germans call it „Gemütlichkeit“. Sitting on our new terrace with a view over the concrete
desert of the high buildings or sitting indoors enjoying the view on our green terrace. Our
smokers areas you will find in a seprate room inside (Smokers Lounge) or on our front porch -
the ideal place to have “a breath of fresh air” and meet other people. Our smokers lounge offers
20 seats, our terrace has 44 seats.
Our long time established will prepare the best of the "American Kitchen" every day so you can
smell the cent of "Eau de Friteuse". The friendly bar stuff will welcome you and our always
smiling service girls will give their best to fulfill your requests.
For your musical entertainment at the weekends the best Country & Western Bands will enter our
stage and sometimes also Rock Bands. Varying DJ’s play classic and brand new Country discs
and on the dancefloor the european and world champions of american line dance Natalie Redlitz
and Yvonne Redlitz, Mathias Schaal and Wippi, Thomas Koch and TFD-Sabine teach you how
to move.
The only things you’ll never find at the American Western Saloon is dancing with spurs and
bringing your pets. It's not that we don't like pets but we have the opinion that the loudness
especially on live music nights would be too much for the animals.
And no matter if it's typical american or not: We celebrate the tradition of giving the service staff
a "tip". We accept credit card payments by EC up from 10,- Euros. Unfortunately we do not
accept Amex, Visa or Mastercard anymore - due to the high costs.
For over 15 years you'll find a continuingly growing Jack Daniel’s exhibition at the American
Western Saloon with over 500 different objects on the walls and in different cabinets. This is
Berlins biggest and the only public exhibition of Jack Daniel’s bottles and accessories from the
world famous distillery in Lynchburg/Tennessee. All shown rarities belong to the private
property of Frank Lange and they are not for sale.
Our Eatertainment: The restaurant offers homemade spare ribs, chicken wings, onion rings,
american pan pizza, chili con carne, salads like "Sorry Flipper" with tuna or our "Brokeback
Mountain Salad" with feta cheese, brownies, our ice-cup „Island in the Cream“ and a selection of
american beers and various american, irish and scottish Whisky/Whiskey. “Our beers are as cold
as your ex wife”! We can offer you to have your own 15 or 30 Litre barrel and help yourself at a
special tap table. You can order a 15 Litre Barrel with Franky’s Wet Bread Pils or in a 30 Litre –
also in 30 litre Frankfurter Pilsener Premium Beer, a regional Franken/Bavaria brewed beer.
If you want to party „A La Carte“ at the American Western Saloon with more than 15 guests
please be prepared to wait a few more minutes than usual til you can enjoy your meal. Or benefit
from an early registration. For bigger events we can always recommend one of our special buffets
(for a minimum of 20 poeple). To make sure than your event runs smoothly we need 7 days
before exact information about how many guests you expect and if you have any special requests
(50% payment in advance required, extra charge for live music).
Please note than your table reservation at live music nights will be held til 9 pm. Ordered presale-
tickets have to be paid and picked up latest one day before the respective event.
To occupy the whole Saloon for corporate events we expect your order 3 months in advance to
plan your event as well as our own schedule.
Tuesday til Thursday at 6 pm, Fridays and Saturdays at 7 pm we open our doors for dancing,
several theme parties and weekend live music. During the summer we limit our entertainment. In
July and August you can visit our restaurant, but we don't offer any live music events during
these months.

Frank M. Lange / General – Manager & Jacqueline „Jackson“ Jezewski / Manager