American Western Saloon
Königshorster Straße 6 (Wilhelmsruher Damm 142 c)
13439 Berlin-Reinickendorf

direkt am Fontane Haus
U-Bahn Linie 8 / S-Bahn Linie 1 Bahnhof Wittenau
Busse: M 21, 124, X 21, X 33, Haltestelle Märkisches Zentrum
Parkplätze findet Ihr in der Königshorster Str. u. am Senftenberger Ring (hinterm Schwimmbad).

Info: Tel. 0049/(0)30 - 40 72 87 80 (ab 18.00 Uhr)
Fax 0049/(0)30 - 41 2 88 00


E-Mails für den Saloon in Kopie/CC bitte auch an Jacqueline "Jackson" Göbeler senden.



The American Western Saloon is located at Wilhelmsruher Damm behind the catholic church and the Gesobau Building, in the northern part of Berlin-Reinickendorf.. Parking lots are locaded at Königshorster Strasse or Straubitzer Steig / Senftenberger Ring behind “Saturn” and the Swimming Hall. If you are taking the subway, you can take the U8 or the S1 and walk down and cross the street to the Bus Stop at the “Bauhaus” side. You could take the Bus " 123, X21, X33, M21 " to Märkisches Zentrum” or walk round about a Mile to us. We encourage you to practice responsibility, leave your damn car at home!


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